Improving Productivity and Focus by Removing Distractions


This blog post could easily be titled:¬†How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Curb my Notification Anxiety, or, How to Effectively Work Remotely. I work at the web development agency Make Do. Why is this important? Well Make Do is a remote agency, meaning that all of its employees work remotely either from home, from…

Custom TinyMCE Editor Formatting


Sometimes when writing a block of text using the WordPress editor, you need it to look a certain way, we usually do this by adding styles to peices of text, but we don’t always want our clients to have to open up the text editor and do this manually. In this example we will create…

Reblog: Responsive Web Design (RWD) Background Images

Responsive Background Image Example on CodePen

I work with Dave Green on a daily basis at our WordPress focused web development agency Make Do. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a service that comes as standard with all of our products.

Dave has wrote an excellent article on how to implement responsive images for background Images, with the upshot of increasing page load time.

Changing your WordPress site language (locale) dynamically


There are some fantastic multilingual plugins for WordPress, and WPML is one of my favourites. However for one client project I needed something far more flexible, as this particular client needed to cater for several countries that each spoke several languages. In short the client needed to be able to have a multisite instance that…