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Cross Pollination of Digital Communities

Following on from my blog entry Embracing and Growing a Digital Community I would like to put forward a few suggestions that people can do to further grow and nurture their digital communities. These ideas grew out of a question I tabled at my regular local WordPress meetup (WordPress Sheffield) who were running trying out a lean coffee Q&A Read more about ‘Cross Pollination of Digital Communities’

Cheer the Duck Up - Photo by Shaun Bellis

A Hackathon in Barnsley

Featured photo by Shaun Bellis. On Saturday 6th July 2013 my company Make Do, held their first ever hackathon at the Barnsley DMC to great acclaim, which incidentally was the first ever event of its kind to be hosted in Barnsley. The ‘Layershift‘ (our event sponsor) hack day brought to the borough a mixture of entrepreneurs, technology enthusiasts, designers, Read more about ‘A Hackathon in Barnsley’