Getting started with Vagrant

So after my tutorial on how you can use Grunt to get everybody in your team on the same page when compiling SCSS and JavaScript, I figured I would delve into the world of distributable development environments. Vagrant does just that, it lets you configure a development environment that you can distribute across platforms and […]


A hackathon in Barnsley

On Saturday 6th July 2013 we held our (Make Do’s) first ever hackathon at the Barnsley DMC to great acclaim, which incidentally was the first ever event of its kind to be hosted in Barnsley. The ‘Layershift’ hack day brought to the borough a mixture of entrepreneurs, technology enthusiasts, designers, developers, geeks, professionals and novices alike, for a 12 […]


Stop wrapping websites

Mobile apps are very popular right now, and some companies want to have their own app in the store just for the sake of having their own app in the store. This, in my opinion, is wrong. The reason it is wrong, is because many companies that demand mobile apps for the sake of it […]


Blog inspiration

After reading the amazing ‘Purposeful Paycheques‘ by Cory Miller, I have been inspired to finally get my own blog up and running. I am a little too busy to give you all an amazing and lengthy blog post about anything interesting right at this minute, but for now, this will be my little outlet on […]