Code Clinic, Front End North, Remote Working – A Grand Day out in Sheffield


Our culture at Make Do gives us the freedom to work anywhere, and as this week we had our WordPress Sheffield Code Clinic, the team took it upon them to have a grand day out in Sheffield.

Business Planning / Company Culture

We started off the day with a spot of business planning at the one of the cities Couch venues. Along with general conversations around Finances and Marketing, we talked about our company culture, and how we don’t really talk about it that much. Here were a few bullets that came out of that:

  • Freedom to work wherever you like
  • Freedom to work whenever you like (as long as you put in the hours)
  • Open and Honest working environment
  • Opportunity to grow as a person, both professionally and otherwise
  • Embraces the web community

I could write a whole blog post (and likely will) about our company culture, but if this sounds like an environment that you would like to work in, why not apply for a job at Make Do?

Front End North (FEN)

Our second trip of the day was to go to Sheffield City Hall to plan out Front End North (FEN) which was originally going to take place this year, but has now been pushed back to January 2018 to allow us more time for planning.

Front End North - Logo

Front End North – Logo

FEN is a non-profit Front End specific conference ran by Make Do. You can read about last years FEN here, or get in touch with FEN via twitter (or just drop me a mail) if you are interested in Volunteering or Speaking this year.

Google Garage

We also spoke to the lovely people at Google Garage about putting an event that is more web/business skills focuses and less technical. Watch this space for if anything comes of that.

As always, we love the web community and if you would like to speak at such an event, or volunteer with the organisation, get in touch.

WordPress Sheffield – Code Clinic

The final stop of the day was at Sheffield Hallam University where we run the monthly WordPress Sheffield meetup. This month was our ‘Code Clinic’.

I have written a full summary topics covered over at the Make Do blog so I will not regurgitate the information here, however here are some quick links. The topics covered (along with the answers provided in the session) were as follows:

We, like many others, list our WordPress event on Meetup, so if you want to come along to an event in your area, that could be a good place to start.

If you would like to get involved in WordPress community events, or even start one of your own, check out the Make WordPress Community section of

Matt Watson

Technical Lead at Make Do
Matt Watson is the co-founder and technical lead of WordPress agency Make Do. Matt loves writing and learning about code, and considers himself lucky to be doing what he loves for a living. Find out more about Matt, or get in touch to hire Matt for your project.

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