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Coping with Lockdown
Virus PNG Designed By nickfz from Pngtree.com. On the morning that this blog post was published, my son presented himself with a temperature and a cough. Previously the UK Government …
@wordpress/create-block bug hunt
Today I was writing my @wordpress/create-block series over on Wholesome Code, and during a demo I was filming relating to this, I wanted to use both a Mac and a …
Create a Virtual File in WordPress with Support for WordPress Multisite
Recently I was working on a WordPress Multisite instance, and I needed each site (multilingual in this instance) to have their own unique dynamically generated sitemap. I generated these sitemaps …
Import your Existing Website into a WordPress Install via RSS
Do you want to import an existing website into WordPress? Does that existing site provide an RSS feed? Then this is the article for you. The great news is WordPress …