Self Isolation Day 2 – Flexible Working

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It was a rough night last night. My son was up coughing persistently most of the night, and I spent a lot of those small hours comforting him, and doing anything I could to make it a little easier on him.

Due to the lack of sleep I had, this made my morning very hard to deal with indeed.

In my blog about Day 1 of Self Isolation I talked about remote working, well today another tool in the remote workers tool belt was a life saver, and that is Flexible Working.

Work when you are Productive

One of the biggest sales for anyone who is a flexible worker is that you can juggle work around your life, and not the other way around.

My motto as a flexible worker is work when you are productive. So if you are too tired to work, stop working, get some rest and come back to it when you are able to.

Why waste hours on a small task that would usually take your fully working brain 10 minutes to complete?

My company has always embraced flexible working, but now that COVID-19 has started to impact several team members lives, we have taken further steps, doing things like:

  • Letting our clients know that we may be working odd or late hours, so their updates may not been as regular as they are used to.
  • Moving our daily project management stand-ups to virtual asynchronous stand-ups, so if we had no sleep that night, its fine, just check-in when you are online.

Because of this flexible working policy, I was able to get some sleep while my wife watched the little one (might I add while she was also remote working, and thankfully he was very very good), and I then kept him entertained while my wife worked.

Coping with School Closures

With the announcement of school closures in the UK from Friday, flexible working is going to be key for our family. My day will likely end up something like this:

  • 9:00 – 15:30 – Homeschooling
  • 15:30 – 17:00 – Playing / Cooking
  • 17:00 onwards – WordPress engineering

I may be able to slip an hour or two of tasks in there somewhere amongst self-paced learning and play.

It will absolutely be a major disruption to my life, however on the plus side, this should give me some great bonding time with my son that I would never have had.

Managing Workload

Working flexible hours will present its challenges. Because I will be working asynchronously with my team, communications will have to be clearer than ever before, as we cannot just jump on a call and work through things.

Tasks will have to be discreet and handled like mini work-packages.

Both these ways of working are actually beneficial to any business, so in a way this could be a boost to any team that may have slipped away from these principles.

It’s Only Day 2

It is only day 2 of self isolation and already so much has changed.

Those 14 days of working at home as a family may end up being much longer, and the benefits of being a remote and flexible worker are already paying off, putting me in good stead.

I cannot help but wonder how the world will have changed once this is all over, and how many of these new habits will stay with us?

By Matt Watson

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