Self Isolation Day 3 – The New Normal

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It was another rough night last night, with the little one coughing throughout and me comforting. Dare I say it was not as bad as it was the previous night.

Today he hasn’t has many coughing fits, so things are on the up, however it is inevitable that my wife and I will get this bug, and our throats are already starting to tickle.

If we are perfectly honest, we don’t think our little one has got the dreaded COVID-19 (if he has, its been pretty mild so far), however because he has the symptoms, we are doing everything we can to follow the advice given by the government as we need to protect our societies vulnerable.

Even if this isn’t a very nasty bug, I think walking around and coughing at this moment in time might raise peoples anxiety levels a little!

The Sleep Theif

I was incredibly grateful today that my wife had an annual leave day booked. Disappointing for her, as she was supposed to be out at an event, but it meant she could watch our little one while I caught up on work.

This did not go to plan, I was “past it” and couldn’t sleep to recover from the night, so I attempted to do my work anyway.

I got the majority of my days tasks done, but towards the end it was a struggle. It took me about an hour to fix a bug caused by a small typo. Needless to day my brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders, but it was too wired to let me get the rest I needed.

On the plus-side hopefully this will have reset my sleep pattern, and I will be lucid during the day tomorrow.

Controlling the Situation

I always try to remind myself not to worry about the things that I cannot control, but instead control how I react to them.

Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail in doing this. But it’s always good to see advice that reminds me of this.

I came across this tweet the other day, that sums up what I believe is the best advice to deal with this whole situation:

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