Self Isolation Day 4 and 5 – Homeschool

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I missed the individual blog post for day 4, as I was a little bit sleepy because of the events of isolation day 3.

On day 4 however, I spent most of my blogging time writing this post on WP_Query style loops for Gutenberg for my Wholesome Code blog, after a colleague asked me for advice on outputting posts in Gutenberg (I am after-all a WordPress developer).

Homeschool Preperation

Today I completely reorganised my home office (and kitchen table) so that my wife and I have somewhere to work while we are in isolation.

I also studied up on the national curriculum for KS1 so that I can educate my son at home during the lockdown period that has been implemented because of COVID-19.

I will now be a mild-mannered homeschool teacher by day, and I will be a WordPress engineering superhero by night.

It certainly will be an adventure.

By Matt Watson

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