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The Bike-Shed Effect

Bikeshedding: Placing too much importance on trivial things.

Today I found a blog post from a former Local Government colleague of mine, Chantele Smith, all about “bikeshedding”, or the Parkinson’s Law of Triviality to give it its official name.

Bikeshedding is a term to explain the phenomenon of focus being placed on a trivial part of an overall solution, while ignoring the main goal, or as Chantele puts it:

…too much effort is put in to areas that have little or no bearing on the functionality of the end product.

As developers I am sure that we have all experienced that trivial little piece of functionality that wont go away, and I am very pleased that there is a name for it.

Read the original article by Chantele, and find out how this peculiar term came about.

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